Hi everybody! My name is Andreyna Sanchez but call me Dre. If you’re reading this right now I take it it’s because you’ve taken an interest in my work and for that I thank you. I’m really glad you’re here. Now, where do I begin? 

 I started Dre Chez Photography back in 2010, but I have to admit I’ve loved photography for way longer (yes, I do count taking photos on my little Barbie film camera when I was 5 as the first sign of this, ha). I also had a fascination with movies growing up and would often borrow my dad’s camcorder to make horror films and music videos with my friends. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was honing a strong passion during those early years. A passion that I would later rediscover when I was 20. 

 When I got back in touch with photography, I began by shooting a lot of street photography. I love street because I love documenting reality. No matter what kind of photo or video work I do, whether it’s fashion, families, weddings or lifestyle, I think my work shines best when I can approach it in a natural way. I don’t like posing so much as I like people being themselves while I’m a fly on the wall trying to capture their true spirit.

I take photographs because it’s my way of fully appreciating the beauty I see everywhere and in everyone. We all have a special spark about us. That spark is what I hope to find and capture when you’re in front of my lens.

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