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Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out my website! I'm Andreyna but people call me Dre; I'm a multimedia artist and writer living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm mostly known for the photography work I do, however photography is not the only channel through which I engage in art. Since I was a kid I’ve been taking pictures, making music videos and movies, I’ve loved writing, and acting, and dancing, and singing, and drawing, and crafts and all things arty farty. I’m an arty farty human to the maximus degree possible all the way into adulthood.


This website is an attempt to put all my interests and arty outlets into ONE big happy space, bursting with creative energy on every page (hopefully!). When I’m not shooting on set or editing photos, I’m writing blog posts and children’s books and poetry, I’m reading as much as I can, going to dance classes, filming myself being a total buffoon on Instagram, editing vlogs of my shoots and travels and thoughts for Youtube, going on road trips, and most importantly trying to be the best mom to the best kid on the planet. My hands are very full.


I’ve taught video and photography at university level here in Melbourne where I'm based (Hi Collarts and Whitehouse Institute of Design, you were fun) and have also taught through my photography group Melbourne Photo Gals, founded in 2016 by yours truly and still active to this day! (To learn more about that, click here.) On top of loving art, I love passing on knowledge and encouraging those around me (in particular women) to be bold in their existence and go after their dreams.

So there you have it… a bit about who I am in a few paragraphs. If you’d like me to take your photo, don’t hesitate to email me! Though I'm often booked out, I still open up my schedule for the following: family mini sessions, professional headshots, campaign shoots and look books, music videos, weddings and photography/video lessons. Just shoot me an email if you're keen or sign up to my newsletter to stay informed on my offers and availability. :)

Happy browsing!

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