Double Exposure Party

As you may or may not know, I shoot the majority of my personal photos on 35mm film. When I first got my hands on a legitimate camera back in 2008 (legitimate meaning anything other than my previously owned cheap and terrible digital point-and-shoot cameras), it was a 35mm Yashica from the 60’s with a broken light meter that belonged to my great uncle in Spain (more on the origins of that story at a later time, haha). My first go at this whole “photography is my calling in life” thing began with film and will no doubt end with film as well (I plan on taking pictures until my last breath… maybe of my last breath if I’m lucky).

Getting my film developed has always been very telling; it’s the greatest teacher. It tells me whether I’ve improved or made regressions since the last roll, reveals to me my points of weakness, and is a constant reminder to change things up (there’s nothing worse than seeing how I wasted more than two frames trying to take a photograph the same exact way.)

I have a number of cameras (seven) that all serve different purposes and six of those are film cameras (35mm and medium format). There are two cameras I use very often, nearly daily— a 35mm Canon SLR and a 35mm point-and-shoot. What happened in this instance (which I’m actually surprised doesn’t happen more often as I usually have a mixture of five to six used and unused rolls of film rolling around in my purse) is that I accidentally grabbed a used roll of film I had shot on my point and shoot and reused it in my Canon SLR! I remember at the time I wasn’t sure if the roll was used or not and I had my suspicions, but I just shrugged my shoulders and thought, “yolo.”

Fast forward to a few weeks later when I got my film developed and WOWEE! I mean honestly… THIS is why film is the best medium EVER. An entire roll of double exposures! I love the element of surprise, experimentation, and magic that comes to play with film. There’s only so much you can control and I absolutely love when the loss of control in certain aspects introduces something entirely new, refreshing and at times poetic. I’m so pleased with these photographs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.