SESSIONS (Due to the current state of the world, I am only holding sessions via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or whatever other technological advancement suits.)

*Morning Routine & Habits = 60 minutes $120

This is a one time session where we'll talk all things routines and habits. We will discuss what your day looks like currently and what tools you can start applying immediately to see better results in the quality of life. I am a huge believer in the compound effect of cultivating good, small habits over time and this is the perfect start. After the initial consultation, we do a follow-up checkin of 30 minutes two weeks later.


If you love your 1st session and are interested in more, I offer the XXXXX package = 4 additional 60 minute sessions for $400.

If you really want to go deep, we will go deep.

*Personality Frameworks

Self awareness can be pretty hard to come by, which is why I'm a BIG fan of certain personality frameworks out there. The advantage in learning about these frameworks is that they can act as a shortcut to better knowing yourself. 


*Everything Is An Environment

Your house, your car, your desktop, your relationships. We delve into the 9 environments that make up your life and see where the gaps are.


*Beliefs & Values


*Putting Everything Into Practice


With every session, you will have homework. Change takes work and you've got to be committed to the (long) process of change. The homework will consist of podcast episodes to listen to, recommended books and internet reads, and introspective questions. Everything will be emailed to you at the end of each session.


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