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A little bit about me...

Hey there. :) My name's Andreyna Sanchez, but I go by Dre. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my daughter, dog and chickens. I've loved taking photos and making videos ever since I was a little kid-- I feel really fortunate to be able to do this for a living and get by in this life with a camera in my hands. What I love most about photography and video is really getting to know people. When you observe and study someone through the viewfinder, you really get to see who they are. I want to know who the people are that I'm capturing and I want them to feel like they can be completely themselves. I try my best to create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance so that everyone can feel comfortable; I know how the prospect of a photoshoot can feel like anything but. My hope is that through this relaxed approach, we can end up with photos that truly represent who you are; as a person, as a couple, as a family. Whenever I'm shooting, I'm searching for honest, open and vulnerable moments. I hope you can let me into your world. Even if it's just for a brief time, we can capture those moments and remember them forever.

xx, Dre


What other people are saying

Dre is amazing at what she does and captures every moment perfectly.
— Shareen Batti Bottomley
Dre Chez Photography is simply amazing! I’ll forever be grateful for the beautiful moments she captured of my family. Dre was highly professional and made us all feel at ease. She was quick to deliver the final product and we couldn’t be more pleased with every photo! You can tell that she has the eye to capture the right moments and works hard to achieve exactly what you want from the session! If you’re looking for family photos, maternity, newborn or even a wedding photographer, look no further! Dre Chez Photography is the best!
— Lauren Bayliss
I’ve worked and collaborated with Dre on a number of projects. She gives 110% on any job, and always great to work with, she has a knack for making people comfortable in any situation. Would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Tammy Baird
Unconventional and passionate, shooting with photographer Dre Sanchez is a dream. My experience has been positive time and time again and shoots tend to have a relaxed nature that leave room for experimentation and lead to brilliant photos. 100% recommend! 📷🔥
— Jacy Mairs
Highly recommend the talented Dre Chez Photographer! Dre creates such a relaxed environment and truly captures the essence of the moment. Ensuring without a doubt such beauty in her images and memories to make you smile. Thank you for the amazing experience XXXX
— Sheran Azmi
Most families would be apprehensive booking a photo shoot with their toddler, and would definitely not be keen to add animals in to the mix. We lost our apprehension in the very first minute of our shoot!
From the first to the last moment we had the most amazing time and Dre made sure there was a happy and loving atmosphere!
We did not feel pressured and all photos arose out of the moment, rather than being staged. The emotions captured are all real! The photos are testimony of a beautiful morning on the farm, and extremely special as it was one of the last mornings we spend with little Anna as an only child.
The photos mean the world to us, as the experience of the shoot was so positive, and rather than us trying to stage we had the best time as family with all our animals included!
We can’t wait for the next shoot. It will be a time where we can concentrate on our family without distractions, simply having fun and then being rewarded with extremely beautiful pictures that have captured the very special time!
— Katrin Sievers