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Best Podcasts to Listen to On Your Way to Work

So your commute doesn't have to be so painful.

I've never been one of those lucky people who live close to work. The closest I ever lived to work was when I worked at Ultimate Burrito as a teenager, which was about a 10-15 minute drive from my parent's house. Podcasts weren't around then (not to my knowledge, anyway) and even if they were, I was too busy blasting Alanis Morisette in the car and chain-smoking cigarettes to care. (This makes me sound like I was a teenager in 1995, which I wasn't.)

Now I drive close to a bloody HOUR for work, so maximising that time has become very important to me. I'm a bit of a podcast junky tbqh, which is good news for you if you're looking for new material to sink your teeth into.

Here goes:

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

You probably already listen to or have heard of this podcast and if you haven't, you are def new to the podcast scene cus this man is like the Oprah of podcasting. I freaking LOVE this show. I'm definitely a Tim Ferriss fangirl and I find him and everything he does fascinating. I kind of want to be Tim Ferriss. But for real, if you're into learning about all kinds of interesting, high performing people who are killing the game one way or another, listen to this show. My favourite episode to date was his interview with chess master Josh Waitzkin in 2016. So much wisdom my brain was melting:

2. On Being with Krista Tippett This podcast is God sent and Krista Tippet is the angel sent from the heavens to enlighten us all. This podcast connects you to your own softness and humanity, to your capacity for love and understanding, to all the mushy parts inside of you. It is impossible to listen to this podcast and not want to be a better person. The limit to the number of times I've cried listening to this podcast does not exist. I don't recommend listening to this AT work, which I have, and thankfully no one saw me crying at my desk. Some of my favourite episodes are from her interviews with poets. David Whyte's interview is high on the list:

3. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

This man is SO HILAR. I don't watch his shows (to be fair, I haven't watched much of anything since 2014) but his podcast is enough for me to get the gist of his style and I think he's fantastic. He's funny and goofy af but he's also deep and gets into really beautiful conversations with his guests about the meaning of life, how they cope with adversity, what it all means to be here, and all the gushy, mysterious shit that gets my blood pumping. His episode with Timothy Levitch might be my favourite podcast episode of ALL TIME (and that is saying a lot considering I have, no joke, probably heard close to a thousand podcast episodes in the last five or so years) and I tend to revisit that episode at least once or twice a year since its release. If you don't know who Timothy Levitch is, please do yourself the favour of watching his documentary The Cruise, easily one of the best films ever made. Timothy is a performer, poet and philosopher and is guaranteed to make you laugh as well as break your brain. Best combo. Check out the podcast:

4. Socialette with Steph Taylor

I love this podcast for several reasons: 1. The episodes are short and sweet and hella informative. 2. Steph comes off as a humble expert in her field of online marketing which makes me like her more (I highly value humility and approachability). 3. The marketing tips Steph gives are immediately actionable and super easy to understand! Every time I listen to this podcast, I feel inspired to try new things with my own ideas and marketing plans for my own projects. Great for getting the creative juices flowing!

5. Akimbo with Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of my heroes. I have taken courses of his, read tons of his books, and subscribe to his newsletter which I have been receiving for years. When I found out he had launched his own podcast, I was ALL.OVER.THAT.SHIT. I think I smashed through all of the available episodes in like three days, I was frothing for them! The episodes are short and packed with all of Seth's best tips for marketing. However, his plethora of useful marketing information is not really the reason why I love Seth so much. The reason I love Seth Godin so much is because he's a low key motivational speaker without being annoying or cheesy or in your face about it. He talks to you about marketing, but really he's talking to you about having faith in yourself. He encourages you to believe in yourself, to believe in your ideas, and to just fucking GO FOR IT already, whatever it is that you've been wanting to do but haven't had the courage to. JUST DO IT. Stop thinking about it, stop waiting for the perfect moment, just SHIP IT, as he says. Don't wait to reach perfection, wait for good enough and you're ready. NOW GO LISTEN TO HIM AND FEEL THE MOTIVATION PUMPING THROUGH YOUR VEINS! RAWR!

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