COVID-19 Quarantine Self Care Checklist

The likelihood that you're stuck at home right now is v high. And if you're not stuck at home, maybe you should be, because ain't nobody got time for your uninformed ass to be spreading this shit around. Covid-19 has got all of us thinking, "WTF should I do with all this spare time at home?!" and I've got a few ideas for you to try that will leave you feeling refreshed and with your batteries charged.

1. Take a bath. But don't just take a bath. Level up your bath game by: *Playing your favourite music

*Lighting candles *Using epsom salts! (Seriously if you've never done this are you even trying)

*Bathbomb it up!

*Get your favourite show ready on Netflix (and make sure your laptop is a safe distance away)

*Have a favourite podcast? Play that shit!

*Get the wine ready

*Hungry? Bring your fave snacks along

2. Face masks. They're cheap and amazing and whether they actually work or not doesn't matter. You feel pampered during and after which is what we want.

3. Aggressively dance with yourself. Honestly, this is the best suggestion you're gonna get out of this list. If you stop reading now and try aggressively dancing for your self care, I'd say this list fulfilled its purpose. These are stressful times and stress is stored in the body. Stress needs a release or it fucks you up in a myriad of ways. Try this: think of a song that makes your energy levels reach 10000%. Blast this song as loud as your ears (and neighbours/roommates/fam/dog) can stand, and just LOSE YOUR SHIT for as long as you need to feel a sense of RELIEF. The other day, a song I typically can't stand ("Glad You Came" by The Wanted... barf) came on shuffle and idk what possessed me but it was like I HAD to dance to this shit or I was gonna die. I danced so hard to this song my neck was hurting for the next two days, LOLLLL. But let me tell you!!!!! I felt like a new human being after this impromptu dance sesh. It was amazing. I implore you to try aggressive dancing for yourself. You will not regret it, even if your neck hurts after too.

5. Find a good yoga teacher on YouTube!!

Literally zero excuse not to stay active during iso with the internet and a billion yoga teachers on the Youbz. My favourite is Alcy Sivyer. I did this one a few days ago and it was heavenly. Plus she has a really soothing voice that is super ASMR inducing. YAS.

5. Spend time with your pet.

But like REALLY spend time with them, not just have them sit by you while you endlessly scroll through Instagram. Put all your devices away. Give them a hug. Teach them a new trick. Play some music and dance with them. Give them a good belly rub. Give them a bath. Comb their fur. Give them another hug. Cook them an awesome meal. Your pets are so happy that you're staying at home now!! Give them your time... you're their fucking life.

6. Catch up on the show(s) or movie(s) you've been dying to see for ages. Ummmmmm in case anyone doesn't know yet, Center Stage is now on Netflix. *Cries happy tears*

7. Cook your favourite meal(s). Ok y'all... this is real. I've been making BOMB breakfasts the last few weeks and it makes SUCH a difference to my day! I'm a breakfast person but maybe you're more of a lunch or dinner type. Whatever your favourite meal is, put the extra effort in to make it amazing. You'll be thanking yourself!

8. Call/FaceTime your favourite people.

Ok, ok. This can be overwhelming now days with Zoom and FaceTime and Whatsapp and HouseParty and Insta video and and and! But one of the most powerful things about this whole iso thing is having new found time to connect with people you don't speak to as often as you'd like. Just make sure you're not sacrificing your mental health to attend your 15th Zoom meeting of the week.

9. Journal your thoughts. I'm gonna take a wild guess that this shit hasn't been easy for you (or me or anyone else). Yes, there are glorious moments in iso life but there are also very tough moments. Venting about your experience on the page can really help you organise and clarify your thoughts, help with perspective, and often feels like a much needed soul cleanse.

10. Be with your feels. It's likely that a lot of mixed feelings are coming up for you with all of this downtime. I've found myself crying way more than I thought I would, over things I had no idea I felt so strongly about until now. Easier said than done, but TRY your best not to judge yourself or THINK yourself out of any feelings. JUST FEEL THEM. Stay in your feels. What is coming up? Sadness? Joy? Anger? Confusion? Annoyance? Sit with it. It's ok to be feeling whatever it is that you're feeling. Remember that no feeling is final and that this situation isn't forever. Deep breaths.

How is this list sitting with you? Which one was your favourite? Have you got any self care rituals you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments!

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