1988. venezuela. barbies. power rangers. horses. rivers. mountains. beach. ocean. swimming. nature. weird dreams. cameras. photos. drawing. breathing underwater. brothers. cousins. school. buddhism. barney. disney world. donuts. pancakes. united states. florida. new girl. language barrier. spice girls. boy bands. dancing. sleepovers. helen keller. reading. writing. school. english class. where the red fern grows. friends. chorus. lunch time.  cheerleading. odd one out. mean girls. musical theatre. drama class. drinking. drugs. modeling. travel. europe. bulimia. new york city. work. work. travel. party. work. party. travel. work. party. quit modeling. florida. somewhat healthy. existential crisis. film photography. back to new york. normal friends. normal life. happy. photographs. florida. film school. creativity. my people. writing. directing. director of photography. lighting. video. photography. films. graduate. travel. back to europe. mom. dad. home. new york city. internships. work. work. work. save up. travel. south america. meet someone special. melbourne. photography. video. motherhood. photography. teaching. growth. photography. film. the future awaits.

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