Hello there! My name is Andreyna Sanchez but call me Dre. If you’re reading this right now I take it it’s because you’ve taken an interest in my work and for that I thank you. I’m really glad you’re here. Now, where do I begin? 

 I started Dre Chez Photography back in 2010, but I have to admit I’ve loved photography for way longer (yes, I do count taking photos on my little Barbie film camera when I was five as the first sign of this, lol). I also had a fascination with movies growing up and would often borrow my dad’s camcorder to make horror films and music videos with my friends. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was harbouring a strong interest during those early years. An interest that I started following with increased curiosity around the age of 20. 

I began my journey as a photographer by shooting a lot of street photography. I love street because I really enjoy documenting reality. No matter what kind of photo or video work I do, whether it’s fashion, families, weddings or lifestyle, I think I can deliver the most value when I can approach the work in a more natural way. I like to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to feel like they can be themselves.

Two years ago, I started teaching photography and film at university level. Now, on top of creating memories for families or shooting conceptualised editorials for magazines, I get to share my love of this amazing medium with students every week. Teaching is extremely fulfilling and something that I'm really excited to bring to all of my internet buddies. You can receive Five Tips for Better Photos by signing up to my newsletter below. :) 

I hope you find something of value while you're here, whether it's booking yourself a photo session you've been wanting, getting a nice travel print for your home, or signing up to my newsletter. Enjoy yo'self! 


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