10 Byron Bay Must Do's

It’s no secret: Byron Bay is beautiful. When we went there for a holiday, we knew it would be stunning but our expectations were definitely exceeded. We stayed at a caravan park just outside of the main action, which we didn't realise until a few days after arriving was right next to Folk Byron Bay, the most delicious and aesthetically pleasing cafe on the land. I still dream of the turmeric thick shake I had (I dare you to say that without sounding pretentious) which made my tastebuds spin on their heads. It was amazing. The caravan park itself was pretty dope. There were plenty of tourists as well as residents, all super welcoming and happy to have their photo taken. One of the days, I took a stroll early in the morning and was able to really soak up all of the details of the place- the wetsuits drying from the day before, people's eccentric gardens, the sounds of birds singing over the lake, and the thick scent of weed in the air from people waking and baking. Byron was a total treat. The weather was amazing, the scenery was breathtaking, there are so many places to explore. Here is a list of some of the fun things we got up to while we were there.

1. Breakfast at Folk Byron Bay
I know I just mentioned it, but I really want to press this! I swear you will not regret spending time here (atmosphere is amazing) and eating here (the food is even better).

2. The Farm Byron Bay
This place is great for multiple reasons. A. It’s freaking HUGE. There is so much space for kids to go crazy and run amuck. B. There are lots of animals to see (always a win… for both adults and kids). C. Three words: Three Blue Ducks. WOW, what an experience! This on-site restaurant fully lives up to its reputation. I’ll keep it brief, but the food was so good I could cry tears of joy. (As you can probably tell, I really like food.) This entire place is just the best and it’s not very far from the centre of town. We spent a good 2-3 hours here between eating, walking around and just soaking it all up. They’ve got a cute produce store and flower shop too.

3. Byron Community Market on Sundays
ALL the happy happy, joy joys. Fresh flowers, delicious food options, lots of interesting characters walking around, perfect place to get some souvenirs and support the local community. They also have live music with an area under the shade to sit, relax and appreciate the tunes (preferably while sipping on wine or a beer (and eating).

4. Spell Byron Bay
If you know of this label, this place is a must. When we went to Byron, I was seriously obsessing with them and stalking their Instagram like no other so going to their home store was a weeeeee bit exciting. Most things are pretty expensive but I couldn’t leave without buying SOMETHING, so I got baby clothes, lol. The store is beautiful, the clothes are tasteful and trendy and you kinda just wanna live in there after you step inside or at least pretend you’re as cool as the people in their branding.

5. Main Beach
It’s close to shops, cafes and restaurants, the waves are great and the people are friendly. We saw a dog wearing sunnies (lol) and I spotted one of the photogapher’s I follow on Insta (Tess Leopold) whose work I love shooting on the beach! Day made.

6. Wategos Beach
This beach is a bit less crowded and has an amazing view point that’s accessible straight from the beach. Just going up the steps to get to the top can be an exciting activity to do with kids and once you get up there, definitely snap some photos. Lots of surfers and little areas where you can find a bit of shade.

7. Killen Falls
This might’ve been the highlight of the trip for me. This was SUCH a gem, I can’t even properly explain to you. Before you get to the waterfall, you can see it from above with all the people swimming below and it’s a really cool perspective that you don’t get to see often. We got there late morning which was pretty busy (but never got annoyingly busy) and by 12 or 1pm, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. You can walk behind the waterfall, climb through caves, see terrapins, ducks, lots of different birds and you just feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle. There was a guy in the caves who was playing the didgeridoo almost the whole time and the sounds bounced and echoed all throughout. It was magical.

8. Nimbin
Perhaps not at the top of many people’s list, but Nimbin was actually quite cool. The drive through the mountains to get there was enough of a reason to go. It’s known as a stoner/super hippie town and it definitely comes off that way. There’s lots of art galleries and it’s generally a cute little town to take a stroll through. On the way back, we stopped by Harvest Newrybar for some baked goods and coffee and once again, our taste buds hit the JACKPOT. This cafe is riding the local produce/organic food/cottage interior/cosy feel train hard and completely nailing it.

9. Brunswick Heads
We weren’t here long but we visited the beach and it was, once again, too beautiful. I suggest going to the part of the beach where the river meets the ocean and you’ll see a (very long) jetty you can walk down for a great pic and existential feels.

10. Cape Byron Light
This lighthouse is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Lots of photo ops and areas to walk around. We went to watch the sunset and were surprised to see half of the town had the same idea, though it was still worth it even with a crowd. Make sure you get there early and pack a blanket, cheese platter, and wine. Perfection!

We rented a car when we stayed in Byron and I highly recommend that you do the same. It was perfect for exploring the areas outside of the centre of town which are 100% worth seeing.

Join the conversation. Have you been to Byron Bay? What were your favourite places to visit while there? Share with us in the comments. :)